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Taro spring rolls

Yummy Taro is here for you!


Try this Crunchy taro spring rolls. It's easy and yummy taro dish.
Imagine taking big bite of this hot and crunchy spring rolls. Umm..
One of the oldest food cultivated in our civilization, dated back
even before 5000 B.C. The taro root is well know to be one of
the best source of iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber.

Taro spring roll

  • 10 Spring roll sheets
  • 200g of Fresh Taro root
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 teaspoon of toasted sesame seed
  • Flour paste (Mix flour with little water)
  • Oil for deep fry

1 Peel and boil the taro for 15 minutes until
soften, mash it with masher of forks

2 Mix the sesame seeds and salt with the mashed taro

3 Wrap the taro filling in the spring roll sheet (see how to wrap spring roll)

4 Heat the oil at 240c, deep fry the spring rolls until golden brown,
rest it aside on the kitchen paper.

Slice in halves, Turn onto the plate and serve together
with sweet chili sauce

Serve 2


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